Monday, May 26, 2014

Chile Week 25

This week I focused a lot more on humility and patience and have been reading a lot about the atonement. I have made my own personal goals to serve my companion more and not complain about things because it`s not being humble. This week was pretty tense but then yesterday we had an awesome day. I was feeling honestly pretty sick but I decided that I wanted to work still because I figured it would wear off. I prayed for the strength to go and work and for us to actually have success. We started out contacting for about an hour and no one would listen to us so we decided to go look for some menos activos that usually are never home but we had then in our plans. So we went to there house and they were home they were super nice and want us to come back. Then we went to look for some old investigators that we found in the area book the night before. We passed by one house but remember that we had talked to him before so we started walking towards a different lady we had written down. We passed a woman and I asked how she was doing and she said was like ¨I`m great how are you two? Are people receiving you well? Do you want to come to my house and drink something?¨ Hna Usma and I both looked at each other like Uhhh who is this women and why is she being so nice. So we ended up going to our house and gave us something to drink and we started talking to her and she told us how she had met with missionaries before in San Bernardo and how she had a book of mormon. Then suddenly someone ¨Alloed¨ at her door and she let her friend in. So we started talking to her friend and she was like ¨my name is Sarah.¨ and I thought oh my goodness this might be the women that we were walking to her house that we found in the area book because no one here has that name. So I asked where she lived and she said the street I had written down so then I was like what is your apellido and she said the apellido that I had written down. It was so awesome because no matter what we needed to find her yesterday at that time! Even though we had a distraction the Lord provided a way for us to still find her. It was amazing then they both said we could come back and they would bring more friends the next time. It was such a testimony of how important it is to plan with the spirit. Then later we were walking to our house and contacted another women that wants to hear from us. It was just a day of miracles and it was so awesome to be an instrument in the Lord´s hands again. After that Hna Usma and I made up and we are totally fine. We realized that we are a strong team and the Satan is going to try and tear us apart so that we can´t be as effective as we know we can be. It really was amazing. I also had a division with Hna Cox and it was amazing and I learned a ton. Well that`s all I have time to write right now but I love you and hope you have a good week. 
Love, Hna Fast

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