Monday, May 26, 2014

Chile Week 35

Well as you have heard I am leaving... And I am really sad. I really love it here and the Lord has blessed me so much to be companions with my best friend. We are really sad to not be together but we live so close together we know that we were put together so that we can stay best friends forever and help each other stay strong after the mission.
Before we knew anything about the changes I felt that I was going to be leaving and we were just sitting there planning trying not to cry. Hermana Jorgensen asked me if you leave who would you want your companion to be? and I said, "No one! I want to stay here with you." and then I paused and said "Actually Hermana Delgado" and that's all I said. Then like 40 min later I found out I was leaving and that I was going to be with Hermana Delgado! I was in so much shock I like yelled. Heavenly Father is so perfect it blows my mind. Hermana Delgado has the same time as me we both started our missions in Curico and we always hung out on p-days. She is from Columbia and she always talked to me when I hardly could talk. She is such a sweet heart I feel so blessed that I am going to be with her. I feel so loved by the way that Heavenly Father has shown His love for me with every change and every area that I've been in. Each companion and the wonderful people I meet I know were put into my life to help me grow and change. I just feel so blessed. I really don't wat to leave but I know I am going to learn so much in my new area.
We always talk about how we are living the dream and we really are. We are living here in Chile seeing so many miracles everyday and really learning to see the how much the Lord loves His children everyday. I get to be apart of all of these amazing people's live and see their progress and their happiness through Jesus Christ as His true gospel. In our Gospel Principles class yesterday we were talking about Faith and it was more of a discussion and I was just looking at all of them smiling and thinking about how I know all of their stories and how much they have changed at it is all because of their faith. It just is so amazing to feel the love Heavenly Father has for each one of His children and he never gives up on them.
As a missionary each month we have been studying one attribute of Christ for the entire month and in April it was Faith. I can't believe how much my faith has been strengthen just from studying about it. I'm sad because I won't be here for Gladys's baptism next week and for Priscila's goal for the 31 of may. Priscila was my third contact here on New Years and now she is working on her goal to quit smoking and be baptized. She was at 30 and then the other day she only smoked 2, she is truly remarkable and feel so blessed to have been apart of her progress. I really don't want to go with all the success we have been having and all of our amazing investigators but I know other people need me in another area and that the people here need the other Hermana that is going to be coming. 
It's crazy because the weather has just been changing a ton recently, it's weird to watch the trees change colors and fall and think that it's already May. The mountains here now are snow-capped and sometimes I feel like I am in Utah and it's amazing. It's weird because it's starting to feel like Christmas and it's May.The other day it rained a ton and the electricity went out in ALL of our sector. We were going to go home but we found a little block that still had light. We ended up having a really cool experience. You'll have to ask me about it next week on Skype. Gah! I can't believe I already get to see you guys again! Well I love you all and I will talk to you next week and let you know about my new sector. Okay bye!
Love, Hermana Fast

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