Monday, May 26, 2014

Chile Week 37

There´s not really a ton to tell about this week. I´m starting to recognize where I´m walking now so I don´t feel as disoriented. Everyday is freezing but absolutely beautiful with the Andes snow-capped. The sunsets are also super pretty with all the clouds in the sky it looks like a painting with a bunch of orange and red brush strokes. This week we didn´t do anything too different we contacted a ton and had a couple really good lessons but it´s hard because now that it´s cold people don´t want to answer the door and the days are so much shorter. I´ve been studying about the Atonement and it amazes me everyday how  vast it is. It helps me love people who have done horrible things because I know that they can repent and be forgiven. We have lessons with people that I before my mission I would have probably judged a ton and know I´m telling them that their past bad decisions don´t matter because we are in control of our future and the Lord will always forgive us if we are willing to humble ourselves and change, we still have to live with the consequences that are often life changing but we can be CLEAN if we repent and the Lord doesn´t remember them. It´s truly amazing how we are able to change and perfect ourselves through Christ and become the people that we actually want to be and reach our full potential. But we can only do these things with His help and if we learn and study of Him in the scriptures and develop a relationship with him through prayer. When we do these things then we will actually have the desire to serve Him and His children and go to church to learn more and be spiritually uplifted for the week to come. The gospel is so simple we just make it so complicated. I love the story of Alma the younger in the Book of Mormon, his whole conversion is so amazing to me. He was the worst of sinners but through the atonement of Christ he became clean and later was a prophet and converted thousands of people. Through our process of finding Christ we can become new creatures. It´s so amazing to watch that change in people and help them through that process and also change myself because of Him. There is a video, that I will copy the link in case you haven´t seen it, it changed my life. Right now I have the goal to finish the Book of Mormon in Spanish before my 1 year mark and I´m in Alma 11 right now. Every time I read I learn so many new things. So my invitation to everyone is to read the Book of Mormon or the Bible or both even everyday and pray to know if it´s true or not. We always tell our investigators that there are only 2 options it´s true or not true and they can know for themselves if they just read it and pray. It´s simple. Well I hope you all have a great week. 
Love you!
Hermana Fast

p.s. I have 10 months in the mission...whaaaa.....

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