Monday, August 26, 2013

Week 5 @ Mexico City MTC

Hello hello

I know probably no one has sent anything yet but there is a mail strike in Chile right now so don't send anything to me until I let you know when it's over. So mom you will have to forward me grandma's letter when I let you know it's working again. I'll send her a letter from here before I leave. Oh and thanks for sending me that article about the Mexico MTC mom, I appreciate it. That's super exciting about you had Atlas Julie! Congrats! You're a trooper for having such a huge baby! Tanks for all the pics you sent. They made me cry. It's like I've never been an Aunt 9 other times or something. He's a little cutie! That's pretty awesome about Mike being in ROP and how many hours he's getting. Tell him I said congrats and he better work hard and apply to a bunch different schools these next couple months!

This last week not much happened, we had the same schedule as always. So sorry this letter is gonna be really boring, but next week I will be in Chile and then I will have cool things to write about. There was a devotional about making sure you're converted before you convert other people. It was pretty good. He also talked about making sure you endure to the end and work as hard as you can because it's only a year and a half. We need to be the people who held strong to the rod and always looked towards Christ and feasted upon his words. I really liked it.

This week was a week of extreme bad luck... We found three cockroaches in our casa. It was my first time ever seeing one and they are like the grossest things I've ever seen. An elder yesterday found a little one in his beans yesterday... I about threw up. So now I am really careful with the food I eat. Two nights ago I got sick...again...SURPRISE! I think I've only not been sick one of these weeks...super fun... Anyways I woke up like four times in the night having to run to the bathroom. I'm assuming it was food poisoning because I was fine later in the day and almost everyone was sick. Six out of the ten girls who live in our casa were up all night. It was a ton of fun. Also the doctor found out I was sick again so he's making me start my anti-parasite medicine today. I guess he received a bunch of test result and a ton of people here have parasites! I told him it wasn't from our chickens! So that's the news on that. There were two more earthquake warnings this week, but it never reached us. Another thing that happened was the Elder I few here with hurt his ankle playing soccer. They think it's just a bad sprain, but I was there when it happened and his ankle swelled up the size of a softball! No joke! So he is of crutches now and hopefully it heals up before we all get to Chile next week. Tomorrow we should be getting our itineraries for our flights so I will let you know what I find out. We are aloud to call our parents in the airport so you guys better answer because it's the only time I can call you until Christmas!

Today I went to the temple again and I understood most of what was going on. My Spanish is really improving. It kind of awesome because I read things now and I can can understand it almost completely. I still take forever to form sentences in my head when I'm speaking though. Anyways at the temple there was the cutest little Mexican lady there. She was tiny! My companion is 5', almost 5' 1",and she was a head taller then her! She was probably in her late 60's and we she was so happy. We were talking to her and she was so excited that we were missionaries. She told us her name was Anita and Hermana Wilson was like "Anita Bonita" and then she was even more obsessed with us. It was so cute to watch her face light up from that compliment. When she left she came over and was like, in Spanish of course, "You two are so beautiful and you're gonna be such good missionaries. Make sure you work hard". I love her! I wish I could have gotten a pic with her before she left.

Other than that nothing else really happened this week. I am still having a good time, but I am anxious to get out of here and actually be useful. It's gonna be pretty bad the first couple months not understanding anything but it will be awesome. I'm changing a lot, I can already tell by some of the things I think and the way I react to different things. It's really cool to be able to recognize it in myself. I receive a priesthood blessing yesterday when I was sick and in the blessing the elder said that I am an amazing example to our district and they can see the light of Christ in my eyes. Also, that I am an example to them because of the strength I've had during all my different sicknesses. They also said when I bare my testimony they can sense my good spirit and that I speak with the spirit. Probably some of the coolest compliments I have ever received. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to come to Mexico and be humble so much by these amazing people. Well family and other loved ones, I love you all and miss you a ton but I also don't really have time to think about it that much because I'm so busy. I am glad everyone is doing well and is still not bored with my letters yet. I pray for all of you like ten times a day and I hope you can feel my prayers. I love you all and will write again when I'm in Chile.

¡Nos vemos!

Hermana Fast

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