Monday, August 26, 2013

Week 4 @ Mexico City MTC

Hola family!

This week has been pretty uneventful so sorry if this is boring for you to read. Our days are the same everyday...wake up and get ready by 7 then study for an hour. After we have breakfast then class for three hours, then gym and lunch then study time for two hours. Then, class again for three hours and somewhere in there we teach a fake investigator. Then dinner and study time for the next two and a half hours and then we go to sleep at 10:30. Depending on the day sometimes we have devotionals two. Pretty exciting huh? I Well I guess I have a few things I can talk about. Last week there was an earthquake somewhere not sure where but it set the alarms off so we all had to go to our safety zones and wait til the coast was clear. No one felt anything though. There were some Elders that were emailing and said they saw their comp shake but I kind of don't believe them because I was outside of the grass and didn't feel anything. Oh I have a fun story that Hermana Thomas told me last week that I forgot to tell you guys. So her mom's hairdresser was in Salt Lake at his bank and the song "Just Dance"by Lady Gaga came on and out of the corner of his eye he sees this old man dance-walking up to the teller next to him. And he overheard the old man say to the teller, "Why aren't you dancing? It says to dance...Dance." So the hairdresser looks over and the old man is the prophet, Thomas S. Monson! haha I was dying laughing when she told me that story. So precious!
Let's see what else can I talk about... Oh Hermana Wilson and I taught one of our investigators Ana (who is actually one of our teachers) and the last time we taught we asked if she wanted to be baptized and she was like well I'm already baptized catholic. So we planned this lesson to talk all about the priesthood and baptism and all that fun stuff and we go to the lesson and we were like so did you pray about being baptized, figuring she would say no, and she was like "yeah I want to". And we were like wait...what? haha So that threw our entire lesson out the window! So the entire lesson we were just asking her what concerns she had and if we could help her with anything and she was just like nope I'm good. We talked to the teacher after and she was like "Oh sorry I forgot I said that about the Catholic thing". THE most awkward lesson ever! It was hilarious afterwards though. Our teachers are sooo awesome! I love them all. Their names are Hermana Baum and Olmos and Hermano Miller. They are great! So this last Tuesday we had the first Live worldwide video devotional from the Provo MTC by Richard G. Scott. The whole thing was awesome. It was about prayer and how we shouldn't rush our prayers. He also talked about being patient when we are waiting for answers to prayers because the Lord will answer them when he knows is actually the best time for us. we just have to have faith. I took a lot of notes during that devotional, he said a ton of really important things. Just remember that your prayers are an actual conversation with the Lord and you should remember to thank him for that opportunity to even have prayer available. Prayer really is amazing. Anyways sorry I'll get off my soap box.

Last night was Hermana Maxwell's 21 birthday so Hermana Maughan made a cute little treasure hunt for her in our casa. The treasure was just a bunch of treats and a two of them were "shots" (the name of this chocolate candy) and "beer" (root beer). It was really cute. lol We had a fun time doing the hunt with her. Oh and one of the random nights last week we all figured out a bunch of us could hide in our hallway closet and so we tried to pull pranks on each other but it didn't work. It was fun though, I'm surprised we didn't break the shelves...

Oh I forgot to tell you, but all better now with sicknesses. Except I kind of have a cold again... but it's not that bad I'm just a little congested. No one knows why I've been sick so much... I'm usually hardly ever sick. Hermana Thomas always makes fun of me for having horrible luck. She was like "You had a cold, then a parasite, then another cold. And you have the worst luck with food too!" One of the days this last week was this delicious fried chicken that I really wanted and I went up four separate times to try and get this stuff. And ALL four times, I am not exaggerating, the chicken ran out at the person before me. Then I went up one last time and the lady was like "Sorry there's no more, but I've seen you come up so I will go see if we have one or two extra". So she got me this chicken and I was so excited my eyes seriously started to water haha and Hermana Thomas was making fun of me. Then I sit down and it's not even the same chicken! It's this like ham wrapped in chicken grossness. I was pretty sad... Then the next day they had corn dogs and they ran out so we waited til the new batch was done and we walk up there to get some and the one I get so BURNT! Like black charcoal burnt! Hna Thomas was dying laughing at me... It was unfortunate. lol Anyways all of it was really funny and I felt like telling you even though it's not very exciting. Okay well that's literally everything so love you all and I'll write you next. Oh and my Spanish is actually getting pretty good. I have a tough time saying some things in English now.

P.s. I leave for Chile in a week and a half...Crazy/exciting/terrifying/nerve racking/awesome.

K love you bye!

Hermana Fast (Rapido)


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