Thursday, August 8, 2013

Week 3 @ The Mexico City MTC

Hello Family and my other stalkers ;) (jk keep stalking me it makes me feel like people actually care about me and read these emails)

So I've been feeling a lot better this week. At the end of last week I was still pretty sick, but the toilet and I decided that we were seeing too much of each other and our relationship was a little unhealthy so we have been taking a break from each other. So the other night I was getting ready for bed and one of the Hermanas was like "Hey Hermana Fast there's a man and woman here to see you". Talk about the scariest sentence someone can say to you as a missionary, I thought there was like a family emergency. Luckily, it was the doctor and he had just received my lab results... It's a bird.. it's a plane... Nope it's a parasite! lol It's some really long latin name and I guess it comes from birds... hahaha I can't say that without laughing. He isn't sure if I had it before I got here or if I got it here. He is still testing some other people. He said that I am able to get rid of it myself and since I've been feeling better he wants to wait to see if I even need to take any medicine. Talk about a relief! I thought that I just had a super week stomach and I was in for it for the next year and a half. I think I am the happiest person to ever find out that they have a parasite. lol Anywho, mom to answer your questions I live in a house with 4 rooms 4 girls to a room. The CCM is on 90 acres and there are dorms, where some of the guys live and a ton of little houses, where everyone else lives. it's like a little village. The latinas we lived with were sister missionaries but they only stay for two weeks because they already know the language. The magical fruit that we would give a king is Guava and I'm not sure if you can get in CA or not, you'll have to look into it. Last Sunday Hna Wilson and I taught our district Christlike attributes it went really well because we turned it into more of a discussion. It was fast Sunday and all the meeting were super spiritual it was awesome. We feel the spirit here everyday but not always in a super powerful way. It's more of just a peaceful feeling rather than the super strong feeling you think of. Last week everyone just had a tough time it seems like because of the language and one of the nights I was talking to a few of my people and we were all saying how overwhelmed with the language and frustrated wwe weren't fluent yet and one of the guys told us this really cool analogy. He said there was this farmer plowing his field and everytime he looked up to see how much he had left he would get really discouraged. Then his dad told him to look behind him and he realized how far he had already come. The elder who told me that story was like "It's just like us with the language. We have only been here for 2 and a half weeks and we are already teaching 20 min lessons with no notes. And yeah our Spanish isn't always great but it doesn't matter as long as you are teaching with the spirit because that is the real teacher." I can't tell you how true that is. The Gift of Tongues is so real! Who else teaches 20 min lessons having 2 weeks of Spanish with out the Lord's help?! No one. It just really put things into perspective and was just awesome. The rest of our week with our "investigators" didn't go very well and Hna Wilson and I were really frustrated because they just seemed really distracted and would cut our lessons short. Then yesterday we had TRC which is where volunteer members can come and you practice teaching them as themselves and we were excited to teach a native speaker. When we got there we found out there weren't enough so we were really bummed because we had to teach a different teacher. So when we started teaching we were discussing the importance of prayer and how you can receive personal revelation through it and she was a returned missionary so she of course already knew. But, she was saying that before and during her mission she always receive answers to her prayers and since she's been back she feels like she can't tell the difference between her will and God's will about the next step she should make in her life. So we had her read Doctrine and Covenants 11:12-13 (which was a scripture we had already planned on giving her), and while she was reading it she just started crying and was like thank you this exactly what I needed. Then at the end I was able to bare my testimony about prayer and what a huge role it's played in all of my important life decisions. And I also said that even if we feel inadequate about the answer we receive we just have to have faith because the Lord doesn't call you to fail. And I was crying during this whole thing of course...because it's me. lol After the lesson she came and took us out of our class to talk to us and thanked us again and said we were an answer to her prayers and that we taught with the spirit so well. I don't know how to explain how cool it is to have the Lord use you as answers to someones prayers. She was an answer to our prayer. It was such an awesome experience! Then later we were having an evaluation with our teacher Hna Baum just so she could see how we were doing with everything and we were both explaining that the language was the most annoying part and that we wished we could just help people now. And she said that when she was in the MTC she said the same thing to her teacher and her teacher explained to her that you are a missionary from the second you are set apart and you will be helping people the entire time. The Lord doesn't just use you to help people the lst few months of your mission once you finally know the language, to help people. After having that experience at TRC, I know that is so true even though it is still really frustrating not being fluent yet.

I'm trying to think of what else to tell you guys... Oh the other day it started pouring worse than it ever has! Like huge puddles within a couple min and we had to go to a devotional all the way on the opposite side of campus. We were soaked within a few seconds of running there. I am not exaggerating haha! My ENTIRE skirt was SOAKED... Even after the devotional, which was over an hour, it was still soaked. It was so fun, I wish I could have taken a video! While we were running it also was haling. One of the coolest storms I've ever seen. Oh and can I just say you have not seen a beautiful sunset until you have been to Mexico City! I need to take pictures one of these nights. They are Gorgeous! Like jaw-dropping beautiful! During the devotional we also found out that the Argentina and Peru MTC's are now full and so people have to be moved here! Next week we will break over 800 people and that's with the 1st generation of white kids leaving. I can't remember if I told you but my group is the 3rd generation of gringos to come to this new MTC. The Lord's work is hastening fast! it's insane! I can't wait for general conference to here how many missionaries are out right now! I am so grateful to to meet all of these amazing young people who are willing to giving two years of their lives to serve. I have met so many amazing people so far it's going to be really hard to say goodbye to so many of them. Tuesday was our halfway mark! I have less than three weeks until I'm in Chile! Woo hoo! Okay that's all that really happened this week. Lots of studying and all that fun stuff. I love you all and am so greatful for all of you. Sorry my email jumps around a lot, I try to make sure I tell you everything. Also once again please excuse the spelling time.

¡Les Amo!

Hermanita Rapida

The one latina who was in love with me gave me a friendship bracelet.
When the latinas left the left this on our door

This is a pic of our house.

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