Thursday, August 8, 2013

Week 2 @ The Mexico City MTC

Hola familia y amigos!

Okay so this week was just a lot of studying and learning new things. We now have two "investigators" so that's pretty hard, and now we aren't aloud to bring notes so it all has to come from the top of your head and the spirit. Talk about like the hardest thing I've ever done... Jeez! It's awesome practice though. I can't wait til I learn the language so that I can actually express how I feel and teach without struggling for words. So every Sunday we get to watch a church movie and this last week we watched "Legacy", made me think of you mom and dad. You can tell that you are with a bunch of deprived 18 year old boys when they all squeal because someone kisses in the movie... nerds! It's so funny how awkward the Elders and Hermanas get when we like barely bump into each other, like we've never touched anyone of the opposite sex ever in our lives lol. The elders in my district are awesome! They are all super immature, but then all of a sudden they surprise Hermana Wilson and I with their awesome testimonies! They are all super spiritually mature it's awesome! The other day we had a lesson about prayer and why we need to teach the importance of it to our investigators. The whole lesson was so awesome Hna Baum, the teacher, had us write about an experience we had with prayer that changed our lives and when we knew we got an answer. Then, we shared what our feelings were during this experience. Everyone was crying even the elders it was the coolest thing. Probably the most spiritual experience I've had the entire time I've been here. 

In other news, I got over my cold but then I got a different sickness... the kind where you realize who your really and true friend is... the toilet! I know it's super embarrassing and possibly too much info but too bad, and you're welcome lol! I went to the doctor yesterday and he said it's probably because of the water. I guess a ton of other people have been sick too. I've been praying to be more humble...last time I do that... lol!

This week we all discovered Guava or whatever it's called, delicious! My companion is obsessed. The other day she was like "If I was ever at a king's birthday party I would give him this magical fruit" haha okay... random...It was hilarious and now we say that all the time. So a week ago we got latinas in our house and they are obsessed with me... haha seriously I don't know why because my Spanish is horrible. They are always like "we love you, you're our best friend!" It's so cute! I feel bad though because Hermana Wilson tries so hard to get them to love her as much as me, but they don't for whatever reason. They got really excited because they taught me a Spanish tongue twister and I finally got it the other day. I sound legit! That's really everything that happened this week. I love all the emails! Thanks everyone for writing and keep it up sorry I can't send very good individual emails I run out of time! Anyways, I love you all and I pray about you everyday in Spanish ;).
Hope everyone has a great week! 

Con amor,
Hermana Fast

P.s. I'm teaching my district this week, Christ like attributes. Lol probably the person who needs this lesson the most! Also, don't mind all the spelling errors and such not enough time to fix them. Plus, these keyboards are kinda weird.

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