Saturday, July 27, 2013

Week 1 @ the Mexico City MTC

Hello everyone,

I miss everyone, but I'm having a good time. The first week was really rough...not gonna lie! We study for literally like 11 hours a day, if not more! We mostly study Spanish but we also have to study gospel study later in the evening. The first week was just loaded with a bunch of different welcome meetings and classes. I got sick with a cold my second day here so that sucked pretty bad. I'm still kind of getting over it right now. My first four days were kind of miserable getting adjusted to the new schedule, the food and having to be with some 24/7, only being spoken to in Spanish, and of course I got that awesome cold. lol It is also extremely frustrating because I want to respond to people's questions but I have say it in a weird way. I was having a tough time with it for a while, but then we had a devotional on Sunday and they reminded us to be patient with ourselves and trust that the Lord will help you if you humble yourself. So' I've been praying for patience. I also was having a tough time with my companion because I was really irritable from being sick, but I'm over it now so I really like her.

So anyways, the first day we get to class and both of our teachers are speaking Spanish and that's it! Our one teacher also speaks English because he is American, but he refuses to speak English EVER! We finally heard him say two sentences in English yesterday. We go to class the second day and we find out we are teaching an investigator the next day ALL IN SPANISH!! Uhhhh what?... Yeah and Hermana Wilson and I had to go first! Luckily I knew that she was just a teacher so I didn't stress too much, but it was still really hard planning our lessons in Spanish. We finally just finished our fifth lesson with her and it went really well because we didn't take any notes to read and so we had to rely on the spirit and our Spanish. It was for sure the worst Spanish we ever said the the spirit was extremely strong. We were the first to get her to pray and commit to baptism in our class. It was tough not being able to just say what we wanted to say to her though. It was a good learning experience though and I heard we have to start teaching like three a day soon. Yikes! Friday we found out what branch we were in and met our branch president. He informed us that on Sunday we all had to prepare a talk in Spanish and when we got to church we would find out who was speaking. So, we get into sacrament meeting and guess who was asked to give the first talk?! YEP! THIS GIRL! Before we even went to church I was like I know I am giving a talk and all the Hermanas were like no probably not, but I knew... It's just that Fast luck. lol Anyways my talk went really well actually and it was only five minutes so that was nice.Sunday was such a good day in general. All last week was so stressful with Spanish and then Sunday we were just able to relax and be spiritually fed. It was so nice!

Today is my p-day and we got to go to the Mexico City temple! :) It was awesome! SO beautiful! But let me tell you, if you thought the temple was kind of confusing before go through it in Spanish! I had to have the lady give me like two words at a time! haha I'm pretty sure she though I was an idiot, but she was really nice about it. I had a really good time it was so peaceful.

Anyways, now to answer other questions. I really like it here now that the first week is over. The temperature is like always perfect and everyone is so sweet. It's wet season here in Mexico so it monsoons every evening. It's awesome. Sometimes it get a little hot if you stay out in the sun too long, but we are in class most the time. The food is good, they serve a lot of chicken and rice and beans. They also have these weird jello/pudding desserts that aren't good. Oh and they drink juice with every meal! I don't though I just drink a ton of water. They also put chocolate syrup on their pancakes and waffles. I don't really like it but I know other people do. I forced myself to eat some papaya the other day because that was the only fruit they had out... I hate that stuff soooo bad! It tastes like throw up and dirty diapers.

My companion is Hermana Wilson and she is from Salem Utah. The other Hermanas in my room are Hermana Clawson and Hermana Clawson and Hermana Thomas, they are all so sweet. I really like them all, especially because they laugh at my jokes and we have a grand ole time. We already have some awesome inside jokes that can't be explained. lol We are all serving in Rancagua so that's pretty awesome. Also, almost everyone who came in the same day as me are going to Chile! There are so many of us either going to Rancagua or Orsorno, or whatever it's called. I really like everyone they are awesome. All the Elders in my district are 18 except one who is twenty like me so they call him Papi and me Abuela because we are old. lol

So I have kind of a funny story. This morning I woke up and walked in the bathroom half asleep and my companion and Hermana Thomas started laughing at me. So I asked them what and my companion was like "You were giggling in your sleep last night!" Lol Apparently I've done it a few times since I've been here! Why so no one ever told me that I giggle in my sleep before?! lol I thought it was really funny and I still laugh every time I think about it.

I can't really think of anything else to really tell you and I'm running out of time so I will have to write you next Thursday. I love you all and hope everyone is doing well!

Love, Hermana Fast

P.S. Sorry some of these pics aren't the greatest but I wanted to show you some of Mexico city. The pic with the guys in front of the temple is my district. The one with the girls are just some Hermanas. And a couple pics of my room.

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