Monday, September 2, 2013

Rancagua, Chile Week 1

Hola po! lol

Okay hello family! I really have no time so I am going to try and do this fast before I read anyone´s emails. So Monday night we left the CCM and arrived into Santiago at 6 something on Tuesday. We flew with everyone who went to Chile but 17 of us went to Rancagua. We met up with some missionaries and they drove us down to the mission home in Rancagua. We were there for a few hours doing our visa stuff and interviews with the president. We then had lunch and a welcoming meeting tipe thing where they introduced us and then we found our companion and which area we were going to. My trainer is the BEST! She is Hna Apaza from Peru, 19 years old and the sweetest human being that ever walked the planet. She doesn't speak any English so we get to play charades everyday. lol Sometimes it´s difficult because she will be teaching me and I will have no idea what she is talking about. I am starting to understand her a little bit better though. She is super patient with me and always helping me. She says that I am super smart and learning really quickly but I think she is exaggerating. After we had the welcoming devotional we went to the bus station and took the bus down to Curico. It was about a two hour ride I think. When we got ere we dropped my stuff off came and emailed to tell you I arrived safely and went to work around 8 pm. It was a long week of nt understanding anything and walking a ton. Every wed we have a district meeting and at the last one I cried because this elder asked me how I was doing lol. It is so overwhelming. I can not understand chileans for the life of me! They talk suuuuper fast and muddled.
Anyways, Wednesday I think it finally hit me that I won´t see any of you for a year and a half and I a few times. Also, yesterday while walking to church I was balling to my companion cause I was like I always went to church with my family. haha I am pretty much an emotional wreck. I´ve only cried like 3 times though. I am really surprised how homesick I am since I already lived away from home but I think it´s also because I am going throughmajor culture shock. I have had to give up many of my germaphobic ways lol. I just try not to think too much about things. Anyways, in our lessons I don´t really talk that much because I have no idea what is going on. I just watch Hna Apaza´s face and nod or smile when she does. I pretty much just baremy testimony and say the first vision. One lesson she made me teach and it went alright but I son´t think thewy really understood me. The rest of the week we just worked. Sat sucked because we walked a TON! And we only got to teach one lesson at the end of the day. My legs and feet were so tired. This work is super emotionally draining! But, missions aren´t supposed to be easy and I am doing it for the Lord so whenever I feel discouraged I just remind myself that the Lord didn´t call me to fail. Sometimes it feels like I will never learn this language but I know eventually I will. Today we played soccer and had a bbq with our district and it was super fun and the gringos were speaking english! Halleluja! or however it´s spelled... Yesterday I bore my testimony in church, which was the first time ever in my entire life, and I was so nervous my voice was quivering. Sorry if this doesn´t make any sense I feel like I cançt speak english or spanish right now.
Oh I am super excited for this Wednesday because we are having a devotional with a special musical an elder... pretty exciting! As for meals I have only had two meals with members and they were both pretty good the second one I felt like I was going to throw up because of how much food they gave me but it was delicious! As for weather it´s kind of cold here but not too bad, showering is the worst. Luckily we have warm water though. I get whistled at a lot which is really uncomfortable and we had a scary situation with a couple guys the other day but luckily the Lord protects his missionaries. I get complimented a lot on my clothes and hair and eyes. Everyone here is super nice. Also we live in a house with two other missionaries. We don´t have a maid or cook. Anyways, I love you all and I hope you are safe and healthy! Happy birthday Ava Lou! And Happy Anniversary Tracy!
I heard the mail strike is over now so my address is 
Hermana Rachael Fast
Misiòn Chile Rancagua 
Alcalde Eduardo Melero 883 
Casilla 2-C Rancagua 
Lib. Gen. B. O´higgins 

Make sure you do the catholic sticker thing.
Mom as for care packages go I would love some nice colorful pens that write smoothly and don´t smear. Other than that I don´t really know yet I will have to let you know when I think of things. Also, yes mom I am very obedient we do everything to the minute of our schedule. 
Wake up and exercise 7 
breakfast and get ready 730
personal study 830
comp study 930
Language study ll30
leave 1200
lunch 130
language study 3
leave and work 330-930
planning and getting ready for bed 930
sleep 11

Oh also they had me cancel my facebook. Sorry I can´t answer your other questions mom! Love you all and miss youuuuu!!!!!! Also my pday is Monday.

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