Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Rancagua, Chile Week 2

Hola family! 

This week was a lot better for me, but still pretty hard. I still can´t understand like anything so it´s really frustrating because my companion will turn to me in lessons sometimes and I will just have to kind of guess what is going on or give her a look like ¨I have no idea...¨ This week we had a devotional with 5 zones in our mission and there were a ton of people! I was able to see Hna Thomas and Wilson and they said they were struggling too with the language, so that made me feel a lot better. The devotional was all in Spanish so that was difficult because I couldn´t really understand a whole lot, but I could tell it was good. Later the zones in Curico had another devotional with the members in the area and a musical number which was amazing! The rest of the week we walked a ton and taught lessons. One of the days we found an investigator on the street and went to her house the next day. She offered us tea and we explained that we don´t drink tea, coffee, alcohol, smoke, or do drugs. We also left her a pamphlet about the restoration so she could read it before the next day when we came back. We came back the next day and she bought us chamomile and she even read the pamphlet! Hna Apaza and I just looked at each other, when she wasn´t looking, and both of our jaws dropped! Then we taught her the first lesson and she seemed super interested it´s awesome! She is great! We also have another investigator who said theat she read the section of the book of Mormon that we asked her to twice and that she really liked it! It was a miracle. We also have an investigator that we are working with who has a baptismal date so we are praying for her as well. Friday was Hna Parker´s birthday so we had a mini house party with just us four during lunch. We don´´t have lunches with members in this sector very often, only one this week but it was delicious! And they feed you a TON!!! Not exaggerating, they gave me soup so big it could be a meal itself then she gave us a huge plate of spaghetti that was like 9 inches in diameter and 4 inches high. No joke! Then, potatoes and salad and 2 cups of juice! I was praying the entire time I could finish it! One of my last bites I gagged because I was so full and didn´t want to eat more! haha 
Our ward here is awesome all the members are so sweet and so willing to help. But, I found out the other day that our bishop is inactive...yeah apparently he has been for like 6 months...so that´s interesting...but that´s chile for ya. There are a ton of inactive that we visit all the time. Our ward, who is active, is pretty small, only like 70-90 people depending on the Sunday. But, I like our ward a lot.
Today I had my first experience with cleaning the bathrooms in our casa... The way we clean is so disturbing I wanted to start crying when I was cleaning the toilet. I just tell myself I can´t think about it. Let´s just say Julie would die like every possible way a thousand times if she were here. lol The rest of the day we went over to the other girls in our zone´s house and had a little game party type thing. It was pretty fun except I couldn´t understand what was going on most the time lol. 
Okay other answers to questions... There are dogs everywhere here! I almost got bit the other day through a fence but I barely moved my arm. It didn´t even effect me but Hna Apaza almost had a heart attack. Hna Apaza and I can understand each other pretty well because she doesn´t have a Chilean accent and because she is super patient and repeats things a million times. Also, yesterday the time changed so it went an hour forward and our mission schedule is 30 minutes later than normal. I was dying at church because we had an hour less sleep than normal and the day before we walked all day and taught one lesson. Saturdays are always horrible because no one is ever home. This week we have to be in the house on the 11th at 7 am because it´s riot day and super dangerous so I´m pretty nervous for that. Also, luckily I am sickness free, and have been since I got here to Chile (knock on wood). What else... umm I think I am still going throw culture shock because I will be totally fine one second and then start crying for some random reason, I am so bipolar here lol I think it has to do with the weather also cause when it´s sunny I usually feel a lot better. That´s all and can really think of an have time for sorry. Umm I love you all and would love actual letters as well even though they take a long time to get here but I have more time to respond. Thank you everyone who has written me and I´m sorry I can´t really respond! Love and miss everyone. You´re all in my prayers. I have pray and fast a ton here for help because I need it! lol Okay Love youuuuu


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