Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Rancagua, Chile Week 3

Hello family! How´s it going? 

I have been MUCH better this week. I think that the initial shock of not understanding anything, living in a new country, and giving up my germaphobic ways, has finally worn off. I didn´t cry at all this week! I know amazing! haha This week went by muuuch faster than the last two which I´m not sure why because it the days seemed a lot longer because we don´t have any new investigators so we track a ton. My Spanish is still horrible but my understanding is getting a little bit better each day. I usually only can understand words and then I guess what is being said. I can´t understand full sentences. BUT, I have had like 7 people tell I have a good accent and that I pronounce things well, so that is awesome! Also, I forgot to tell you (I think) there was a lady on the plane on the way here to chile that one of the elders talked to, she was some professor at a university who studies languages and knows 4 herself. She said that if you can learn Chilean Spanish you can learn any language because it´s that difficult. Which I don´t really get because Russian and Chinese are way hard but she is the expert so she must know something.
We have a few awesome investigators right now (not real names) Caroline, Janet, Paul, and Nessa. Nessa has a baptism date for the 28 of this month and we are working with her a lot. Janet and Paul, I adore because she is the one who bought us the chamomile because we don´t drink tea. We taught her about the Book of Mormon this week and it was awesome becasue in the lesson I was able to teach by the power of the spirit. I can´t describe it but I felt it like as I was talking it was just coming from me and she was able to understand me. I don´t know anyother way to describe it but I assume it´s what it feels like when you give a priesthood blessing. It was the coolest thing ever. She has been reading it with her husband and they always have a ton of awesome questions for us. They came to church yesterday and agreed to a baptism goal but we are still working on the word of wisdom with them. It´s so awesome to watch the change in people. Another cool/funny thing that happened this week, was we were contacting people on the street and we decided to contact this little old lady and we were like ¨Hi we are missionaries from the church of...¨ and she was like ¨okay come on I´m going to my house¨and she she just linked arms with us and took us to  her house. lol Her and her husband are Jehovah Witnesses and have been for like 20 years. They are the cutest, I don´t think they really care about what we have to say but we still go visit them to see if they need help and stuff. She is 73 and he is 89. It was pretty funny though.
At our zone meeting this week we talked about the words of success which are patience, persistance, quality, and quantity. So this week I´ve tried to keep those in mind with my language study. So far I haven´t been as frustrated. On the 11th we didn´t have any problems with people so that is good. Saturday there was a stake activity that was kind of like a talent show type thing. It was was where all the wards did native dances in celebration for the 18. Everyone here is so patriotic it´s awesome, literally every house has a flag up. Anyways at the activity there was this dance where the girls were only wearing like these feathery bras and hula skirts and I couldn´t stop laughing because as soon as the curtains opened all the elders were just like Uhhhh... and out their heads down. It was hilarious but I also felt really bad for them because it was a church activity!! lol Today we, as a zone, hiked cerro which is a random hill in the middle of Curico and tried to fly kites but it didn´t really work because they were really cheap and no one really knew how to do it, but it was still a ton of fun. Also, I never told you but the ward I am serving in is is Rauquen AND we fianlly got a new bishop! Wooo! He was the 1st counselor before and he is awesome! Anyways I think that´s it. I am really starting to love Chile and I am excited for this week for the 18th, which is their independence day. There is a ward activity with a ton of food. This week we ate with the members a ton and they feed us soooo much so don´t judge me if I am obese when I get back because I have to finish all of it or it´s super rude. Oh and I got to make empamadas at a members house the other day.

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