Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Rancagua, Chile Week 4


So just so you know I heard that letters take like 3 months to get here so I would love to still get them but also email me, I print out the letters I don´t have time to read. This week was super long because of 18 so everyone was partying all week and we didn´t get to work very much. Well we worked but we didn´t teach like hardly anything. We have bee praying to find families though and we found 2 the other day so we hope that they progress. They are both super awesome. One of our investigators baptism date is this sat but we haven´t seen her in a while because she was out of town but we will see her today and know what is up. Also, Caroline, Janet, and Paul are all progressing pretty well we just have to work on a few of the commandments. All of them know the Book of Mormon is true, which is awesome! My Spanish is still horrible but everyone is surprised when I tell them I only have 1 month, so that´s good. I can actually kind of figure out what is going on in lessons and rely on the spirit to tell me what it is I need to say. That is the hardest part for me, having the faith in myself. But I will get it eventually. All the Hermanas in our zone had a special study time a few days back about how to be a ¨celestial missionary¨ and it was awesome. We studied in Moroni 7 and talked about developing and practicing our faith and also really working on our charity. Because we didn´t have very many lessons we served the ward a lot this week. We helped with a bunch of decorations for the activity wed and also helped clean a few people´s house and helped cook a few meals for the activity. The ward had an activity wed and it was a ton of fun! We had SOOO much food, and not just food, meat...tons... Also, we had empanadas almost like everyday this week. haha After we ate at the activity they had a bunch of relay races and it was really fun to watch. A couple little girls in the ward always like to pet my hair so they played with my hair as we watched everyone play haha. Later in the evening everyone danced the cueca and they made us missionaries too. I am to the point where I look so dumb everyday when I talk that I don´t even care what I do, I am willing to try anything. So they taught us the cueca and I looked like a fool but they all still adore me because I can´t speak and I have blonde hair. I feel like a toddler here because anytime I do anything correct I get so much praise it´s hilarious. I have never had such high self-esteem and yet so low at the same time hahaha. This Spanish is kicking my butt! Also mom my companion likes to volunteer us to sing to random people on the street so I sing to people almost everyday... I went on divisions the other day with Hna Mills, who is also blonde, and we had two people come up to us who spake perfect English and wanted us to come visit, which never happens, EVER! It was awesome! We were going to teach this one girl later in the day in English but she ended up not being home so that was a bummer. It was really nice to finally be able to speak English. Also Hna Mills told me that the reason there are so many dogs here is because there is a law in Chile that you can´t kill a dog...how dumb is that?! So there are a ton of stray dogs because they run away and keep mating. Yeah it´s dumb. Oh also, the other day at a members house the tv was on and a n English song came on and I couldn´t understand it at first because I was think in Spanish, I had to remind myself it was in English. So that was pretty cool. Not much else happened this week... We played soccer earlier today with both the zones in Curico and that was a ton of fun because I actually tried and was scored a ton. It was a ton of fun then after we all had completos. I think I am sun burnt though because today we were in the sun for a long time and I barely put any sunscreen on. Today was the first day it´s been hot in a while.

Oh yesterday I burnt a hole in my favorite dress on someone´s gas heater. :( I was walking later in the day looking at my shadow and was like why is there light in the middle of my dress?... Yep.. a hole it was really sad but I am going to sew it and wear it anyways. I think that´s pretty much it for this week... that´s all I can think of sorry it´s super disorganized. But the ward activity was the best part of this week. I am really starting to bond to this ward I hope I get to stay here for a while. Also, randomly I remember I am in Chile and it still blows my mind everytime lol. Also if you you want me to answer questions send me some because I can´t remember things to tell. Fun fact they put mayonnaise on like everything... it´s disturbing.

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