Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Rancagua, Chile Week 5

Hola everyone, Not much has happened this week honestly except for Vanessa´s baptism Yay! We have some really awesome investigators right now. We have a few families that are new that are awesome and a couple teenage girls and also the son of Janet and Paul. We taught him for the first time yesterday and it was so awesome he asked some awesome questions. Also he is incredibly intelligent so it´s fun to teach watch him understand everything we explain. Him and Paul we asking why we had so many rules and I explained to that they aren´t rules because of our church they are commandments from God. And they asked well why are there so many? And I was like because each commandment is for our benefit, we can either decide to keep the commandment and recieve the blessings or not, we have agency, but God gives them to us for us to be healthy or happy or whatever the commandment is. And they still didn´t really understand so I was like ¨Angelo you love your son correct?¨ (He has a 6 year old son) and he was like ¨well yeah¨ and I was like ¨You give him rules so that he can grow up and be a good guy, so that he can learn how to be a good person and so that he can be safe correct? And you give those rules because you know what is best for him because you love him. Right? That´s exactly why God gives us commandments. So that we can learn and grow and reach our true potential.¨ It was so awesome to watch his facial expression change entirely from skeptical to understanding completely. After the lesson my comp was like wow your spanish and response in that lesson was really good. It was awesome! The gift of tongues is for sure real. I can understand a ton now it´s just words I don´t know and sometimes it takes a while for my brain to process the entire sentence.Anyways that was just a really cool experience I had. Now about Vanessa´s baptism. It was saturday at 8 but because everyone is always late to everything here it was at 8:30. We got to the chapel early to fill the font with one of the members and we started filling it and they were doing both warm and cold water and I was like no only hot because it´s a huge font and it takes forever for water to heat up and the baptism isn´t for like 2 hours. Physics people! lol Anyways, they didn´t listen to the girl with broken spanish so the font was cold for her poor thing. But, the baptism was really great and her family came which was the miracle we had been praying for and her mom and sister want to take the discussions. It was really funny the closing hymn we sang that hymn that has the No! and Yes! in the middle of the song (I can´t remember in english but it´s page 166 in the spanish hymn book). I think it´s like ¨true to the faith which our fathers have perished¨or something... Idk anyways the song is supposed to be inspirational and the Yes! in the middle is supposed to be sung with enthusiasm. So we were singing the song and we got to the 3 verse where it changes to Yes! and it´s a little high, but everyone sang it super flat and with no enthusiasm and I didn´t kind of a snort laugh, that I didn´t realize I did until a Simone (girl in the ward) turn and looked at me and just kind of chuckled. Then the 4 verse came... and they sung it the exact same way and I lost it! I could not stop laughing I had to hide my face in my lap. I was laughing so hard I had tears. And 3 of the ladies next to me from the ward started laughing as well. It was hilarious, I´m laughing right now even. Our ward is awesome. When we first got here nobody really wanted to go out and teach with us but we´ve been visting the members a lot and we´ve really earned their trust so they are really excited to go out with us now. Yesterday Simone was like ¨whatever you guys need call me¨ It was awesome cause she never wanted to before! I had a sock bun in my hair yesterday and everyone was like obsessed with it and called it my ¨tomate¨ which is tomato. Oh also, we have been having a ton of meals with members lately because they love us now I think lol. Sorry this is super scatter brained but I´m trying to remember everything... I miss you guys a ton but I don´t really think about you that much during the day anymore I´m more focused on my investigators, they are my little baby chick chicks. Also, Hna Apaza and I can understand each other like 98 % of the time. She is still awesome and I really hope to stay in Curico wih her. We will know this week about the cambio. Also, friday I have a meeting with everyone from my group from the ccm in rancagua with the president so I am excited to see everyone! Yayy! Well that´s time. I love you all and read all the emails even though I don´t respond.  Chile is awesome and the people are amazing.


Her camera was not letting her upload pics from the baptism. Check out the pics below from her previous emails.

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