Sunday, November 10, 2013

Rancagua, Chile Week 6

Hello people 

Not a ton happened this week, but wasn´t General Conference awesome?! It´s so different as a missionary, I guess it´s because you actually watch all five sessions and don´t fall asleep on the couch. haha I got to watch it in English even! Holla! yeaya! All the gringos got to watch in our own little private room so that was really nice, but also sad because none of our investigators came! boo! Anyways about the week, we didn´t have very many lessons this week, just walked a ton, more than normal. But, we decided to go to part of our sector that missionaries haven´t really been in for a while because it´s far and in the country more. Rauquen where I am serving is kind of like a citrus heights/orangevale feel where there are random fields but it´s more of a suburb. Romeral is more of like a I  don´t know but it´s more country! Anyways it is gorgeous!!! I love it there! W just had cambios(transfers) and I get to stay here in curico with Hna Apaza for 6 more weeks Yay! I am excited because we decided we are going to start working in Romeral more because we found some awesome investigators. Haha ok I have to tell you about what happened. We went to Romeral and we didn´t even have a map so we just ask people where streets were and we looked in our area book for old investigators and all that jazz. So we were down this one street knocking doors and no one was home so right before we were about to go to a different street we decided to go to this house that was playing old music. So we go and "Allo" at the gate (I forgot to tell you guys everyone has gates around their houses and we don´t knock we yell "allo"). This gate had fence in between so we couldn´t see anyone until someone opened the gate. There standing there was a guy in about his twenties with short shorts and a shirt that came down so you could see his chest hair with a smirk on his face as he looked at us.. I thought ¨Oh perfect... Another tool to harass me but instead of it being in passing on the street I am standing at his door ask if we can come in¨. So we introduce ourselves and explain that we want to share a message about Jesus Christ and we asked if we could share our message with him. He was like right now it´s just me and my two brothers but yea sure. So we ended up teaching him and his two brothers who are preteens and all of them are so awesome! I asked the 13 year old why he thought it was important to have a prophet and he went on this long schpeel about how they receive revelation from God and all this stuff. He is extremely intelligent, I was blown away. haha Anyways they are some of our new investigators and we are really excited to start working with them. Also this week we went up to Rancagua because we had the ¨new missionary training meeting¨ and I got to see all my friends from the ccm so that was a ton of fun. It also made me feel a lot better about my spanish because we are all about at the same level. I had a ton of fun seeing everyone again, hopefully we get to serve near each other at some point in time. I also read this crazy good talk that´s aimed at missionaries but it´s good for everyone to think about their lives if you want to read it it´s called ¨The Fourth Missionary¨ by Lawerence E. Corbridge on June 22, 2002. With the new missionary training meeting we had to write out our goals for our missions and so I´ve been thinking a lot about the person I want to become and that talk is amazing. It´s a little sad because I´m the 3rd missionary right now but I hope to be the 4th at some point, hopefully sooner than later. Also, I hope everyone watched conference and really thought about the messages shared. I love Elder Uchtdorf´s talk and I think everyone needs to go watch it if you haven´t. My favorite line was if you are having doubts about your testimony doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith. That like changed my life because I doubt my ability to be a missionary everyday and so I just need to remember to have faith. I also liked that he said don´t judge God for man´s mistakes. All the talks were so amazing and there were so many that focused on women. Also, 80,000 missionaries around the world now! Crazy!! The work is hastening my friends. I love you all and I pray for you. Don´t forget to read your scriptures and pray to your father in heaven who is waiting to hear from you. Prayer is the greatest blessing we all have. We can talk directly to the one person who actually knows exactly what we are going through. The prophet reminded us that we need to pray everyday and listen and we can develop a true relationship with the Lord and know His will for our lives. He knows our true potential. <-who is this person...I´m turning into like a missionary or something... haha okay Love You All! 

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