Sunday, November 10, 2013

Rancagua, Chile Week 7

So this week was SUPER hard, but we had so many miracles. Oh btw this keyboard is broken so there may be a lot more spelling errors than usual. Anyways this week was so loooong. Hna Apaza was super stressed all week because now she is a coordinator for the sisters which means I kind of am too and I have to go on a ton of divisions when she is also. So she was super stressed and she doesn´t handle stress well lol the phrase I said the most this week was ¨hna relajarse esta bien¨. But one of the days I made her stay home before lunch so we could read ¨how to deal with stress¨from one of our books. But, we were both stressed because of a ton of things. We lost all of our investigators. Wednesday we literally didn´t have a single investigator. Janet and Paul, who I was in love with both dropped us because they said they didn´t want to have to change. Caroline dropped us because her boyfriend doesn´t want to get married, and all of our other investigators had a million other excuses and some we just had to drop because they were never there when we made appts. But even though this week was exceptionally difficult we saw so many miracles. One day when we were going to Romeral on the bus, and it´s a lot more money than the normal bus, when we were paying the driver was like ¨no sisters it´s on me¨. We were so surprised. Then Friday we were taking a taxi home and we went to pay and the driver was like ¨I see you girls walking a ton every single day you don´t have to pay¨. Then yesterday the same driver saw us walking home and picked us up and didn´t have to pay again. We have been having crazy little miracles like that almost everyday. Then one day when we walked literally all day and had one lesson, we started to walk home a different way because we were in an area where we usually aren´t that time of night. We saw the light on to a house that we contact a few weeks ago ho said we could come back but she was never there when we tried, so we were well we might as well try since we are never here at this time. So we knocked expecting to be reject just like the rest of the day, and the lady yelled out the window to wait. We were like what the heck she actually wants us to come in? So we went in and she was explained how horrible her day was and how she was super sad and she just wanted someone to talk to and that´s when we showed up. It was seriously a miracle she is so awesome. She is one of the sweetest people ever. We have another lesson with her this week, so we are really praying it will go well. She was really excited for us to start teaching her. Then yesterday we called one of our investigators, who we have only taught once in romeral, to invite her to church and she was like yeah I´m getting ready right now¨ and we were like ¨What the heck awesome see ya there then!¨ She ended up loving church, we have a lesson with her tonight. She is an indigenous women who has 9 kids and she is super humble. I really feel like she will end up being baptized. Then again yesterday we had another miracle with this family who contact us a few weeks back but we havn´t been able to teach them because  they have a really busy schedule. Anyways we were walking passed their house and they were outside so they told us to come over and we taught them and we asked them to pray about Joseph smith and the dad was like ¨yeah I believe this¨ it was crazy. So they have a baptism goal for November 9. We are teaching them tomorrow again. haha sorry I feel like all of this is super scatter brained but I´m trying to remember everything.. Last night we had a super cool experience, we taught these two menos activos who live together. We were wlking passed this random house Friday and people were outside so I was like lets go there. So turns out they were actually members but have been inactive for super long. Yesterday when we had the lesson with them they were like did someone tell you that we were members and we were like no we just came because you were outside and one of our appts had just been canceled. We met the guys girlfriend yesterday and I swear I knew her before this life, it´s the weirdest feeling. She is so sweet, she has had a super hard life. So we just were getting to know them and we shared the scripture DyC 6:32-37 (a scripture I found the other day when we were having a super tough time) and she just started crying and talking about how when she was younger she did all the things she was suppose to do but she had a lot of tough things happen to her so she ended up becoming inactive. It was a really cool experience. That was the strongest I´ve felt the spirit while on my mission. We are going to start working with them this week also. This week was just super weird because it was horrible and amazing at the same time. We went from have 0 investigators to 10! Miracles people! The Lord works in mysterious ways. I feel so dang blessed the Lord trusts us with these people. This week has just super humbling. Also, my Spanish is getting a lot better. I´ve had a lot of people ask me what I have done to be so good in only a month and a half. It´s called pray a TON and read the scriptures in Spanish. Other than that I really suck at studying my Spanish. I can't think of what else to share. Btw mom I am writing in my journal in english because I know you will want to read it later. You´re welcome lol. Also, I'm sorry I don't have time to respond to really anyone this week because of this stupid keyboard but I love you all and thank you for your letters and words of encouragement. Can´t believe it´s already been 3 months...crazy.
Love you all!


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