Sunday, November 10, 2013

Rancagua, Chile Week 8

Hola familia
I really don´t remember this week that well. We didn't have a ton of lessons with investigators but we visited a lot of inactive and active members. Wednesday we had divisions because Hna Apaza is one of the coordinators so I went with Hna Delgado (from Columbia in the pic from last week)  and Hna Apaza with Hna Tarin (they were friends before the mission because they are in the same stake). Anyways I was super nervous because Hna Apaza made me stay in our zone because she said it would be better practice for me and I know the area well enough by now. I also was super nervous because Hna Delgado has only been out the same out of time as me, so I figured our lessons were going to be horrible, on the bright side she actually understands everything that is being said. After the first lesson with her we both realized how well we work together; our lessons were just super fluid. She is such a sweetheart I really hope that I serve with her at some point in time. All of our lessons were really great and we didn´t have anytime where we were just contacting for super long. We contacted this one house where the girl was already outside with her little boy and I recognized her little boy cause he is kind of a dirty blonde, so I was like hey I´ve seen you before and then I remembered it was on the bus. So we talked to her for a second and we asked if we could teach her and she was like yeah sure come in. So we went and taught her and we asked her what it is she wants n her life and she said peace. So we taught a little bit about how you can find peace through Christ´s atonement and the spirit was super strong. So now we are working with her and she is just the sweetest human alive. Hna Delgado couldn´t believe how she just let us in to teach her right there because she has a really tough sector. I was like really? This happens kind of all the time. I think with a lot of people they just let us in cause I´m blonde, I´m being completely serious, my comp always makes fun of me because people just stare at us no matter where we go. Anyways, overall divisions were awesome. But, a couple of days ago I had my first real heartbreak with an investigator. I have been really sad with a lot of our investigator we´ve lost because they were really awesome and I had a pretty good relationship with them but this was different. We taught this lady about the restoration and also the Book of Mormon and she said that she thought it sounded all made up and she said she has a problem with her faith but she still wanted to meet with us. So we went to her house to teach her about the plan of salvation and throughout all the lesson there were a million distractions. With her kids, the neighbor´s kids, phone calls, like a million distractions, Satan was trying hard to keep us from teach this lesson. So we started talking about the atonement and Jesus Christ and how families and be together forever and everything was just silent. It was like everything went on pause and I bore my testimony to her and as I was baring it she started tearing up. I could feel that she knew it was true and the spirit was super strong. So we finished the lesson and I was like ok awesome she totally knows it´s true she´s going to want to hear more. So my comp asked her when it was we could meet with her again and she said she didnt want to meet with us again. I was in shock. She said that would read the Book of Mormon but she just didn´t want to meet with us anymore. So we left the house an we were walking to a church activity and I just started crying. I can´t really explain the feeling without sounding like a crazy person, but I really could feel the love that the Lord has for her and she just rejected it after knowing it was true because she was scared. It was devastating for me... So there is my first heartbreak of many to come I´m sure. Anyways...
Yesterday was Hna Apaza´s birthday so we ate a ton of food the last few days. The ward loves us here so we people found ou it was here birthday they invited us over for cake and once (small dinner, we don´t really eat dinner here). And also last night we went to a member´s house and Hna Apaza taught them how to make some Peruvian food; it was delicious. That´s pretty much all that happened this week. Today we went shopping in this huge store and it felt like I was in America, it was amazing. It felt like Costco lol. Other than that we didn´t do anything today, just relaxed. That´s all sorry not too exciting. I love you all and pray for you often. I am learning patience...yep I know it´s pretty exciting and I can´t believe it either. Hope everyone is doing well and I love reading your letters. Sorry we have no time to respond but I hope these letters aren´t too boring and keep you all entertained.
Les quiero MUCHO! 
Being creepy with my food :)
RS activity they had a fashion show of recycled stuff
Us cooking for her birthday Peruvian food

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