Sunday, November 10, 2013

Rancagua, Chile Week 9

This letter is going to be pretty boring because this week was extremely uneventful, sorry... I only wrote in my journal once this week even... Anyways wow I can´t believe it´s almost November that is pretty dang crazy! We are already halfway done with this cambio. I am hoping to stay in Rauquen at least til after Christmas but who knows anything can happen. Okay so this week, I went on divisions with Hna Morales and Hna Parker (they both live with us, along with Hna Lamb and Hna Butler). Hna Morales had an operation on her eye cause she had like this cyst thing on her eye lid and so I stayed home with her Thursday so that Hna Parker could go with Hna Apaza to Romeral and visit some of their investigators. I was afraid the day was going to be super long and boring but it actually went by really fast. She finishes her mission in December so she has a ton of experience so I had her teach me different ways she taught things. Then when she was sleeping I just studied in my scriptures and marked things so that was really nice. It was to just have a day to kind of relax. Then the next day I went out with Hna Parker who only has one more cambio than me and she is a gringa also and neither of or Spanish is really good enough to teach together but it was an adventure haha. We actually had a really cool inspired lesson with one of the recent converts in the ward and we found a new investigator as well. It was really funny one of the first people we contacted. we were actually were just asking him a question about the telephone numbers here. The numbers here are odd they are like 6 or 8 digits I don´t know... And if a number only has 6 you have to put in 4 numbers ahead of it so we were asking what the four digits were and he was just like, ¨No I´m catholic.¨ and I was like ¨Okay that´s fine but I have a question about the telephone numbers here...¨ ¨No you can´t have my number I don´t use a phone¨ ¨yeah but sir how do you...¨ NO I don´t know how to use a phone and you can´t have my number I´m catholic!¨ hahaha I was like ummm okay thanks bye. It was super funny and also a little frustrating because I was trying to call one of our investigators. Anyways what else... oh yeah later that day we went to an activity at the church for Relief society celebrate everyone's birthdays. We tried to leave because we realized we only had like 10 to be at the house and it´s usually about a 10 min fast walk and the sisters were like wait here is so cake for Hna Apaza and Morales. So we left and we had like 5 min to be in the house so we were just running down the street and I´m holding this giant piece of cake laughing hysterically because the fact that I´m running with a giant piece of cake on a plate. I´m sure it was an interesting site. Other than that nothing happened this week, apparently the other night the other Hnas said I was laughing in my sleep again and was speaking in Spanish so that´s pretty awesome and creepy... I hardly ever remember my dreams but I´ve been having Spanglish dreams for a few months now. But yeah that´s pretty much it, we just worked all week and didn´t have any investigators at church to show for it, so that was pretty sad cause the family that we have been working with hasn´t had time to really meet with us. But I try to remind myself that things could for sure be a ton worse. I try to just give thanks for the opportunity to develop patience. Anyways that´s pretty much it for this week sorry that was probably really boring. I love you all and appreciate the letters. Thank you all for your prayers. 
¡Les quiero mucho! 
Hnita Fast
This is me winning a gaming today had to pic a piece of paper up with your mouth and not fall or use your hands


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