Sunday, November 10, 2013

Rancagua, Chile Week 10

Lets see this week... I feel like nothing happened and I was pretty sad a lot of the week. Yesterday was the 3 week in a row none of our investigators were at the church. We have a ton of nuevos but hardly any of them are progressing so it´s really hard to decide who we want to drop or try again to visit. I have been just really sad this week because of having to drop people that I really liked and also my Spanish. I just feel like everything I say doesn´t actually matter. It´s especially frustrating when I have been teaching for a while and then they are like I didn´t understand anything you just said. It makes me just not want to talk. Hna Apaza always says that every time that happens I am talking clearly it´s just them because they didn´t want to understand.
We had to drop a family that I was really hoping for yesterday and so I was really sad about that too. We had a lesson with them yesterday and decided to drop them right before we had once (mini dinner) with a member family, who I am in love with, so I was super sad. And when we first got to their house I was trying to fight back tears still so I guess I must have been acting weird or my face or something because they were like ¨What´s wrong? Are you feeling alright? Arew you sick?¨ An everyone knows that if I am already fighting back tears and someone asks me what is wrong it just makes it worse... So I cried at their house... that was pretty embarrassing but after I finally stop the rest of the night was good. Anyways that´s my depressing part of my letter you can decide mom and Joanie if you want to send that to other people or post it on my blog, it´s whatever to me. As for the rest of the week it was fairly uneventful... I had divisions with Hna Terrin on Halloween and we were searching for people on our member list the whole day. Then when we went to the appt we had that night they were there so we had to contact on Halloween... We had a ton of people think we were just there for candy... that was fairly awkward. Then we talked to this lady who was passing out scriptures instead of candy. And she said that everyone who celebrates this holiday is a sinner. lol I was like alright well your life suck because Halloween is awesome. That´s all that happened that day. Oh! We had lunch with a member family the other day and after lunch was over and we were leaving she was like ¨yeah my kid has the chicken pox¨. And do we remember who has never had the chicken pox? OH THIS GIRL! I was like oh perfect... I don´t really understand why anyone would have guests over if there kid had the chicken pox but whatever. I had the vaccine but Hna Jett (mission nurse) said that I still might get it. She said I will know in to weeks or so...sooooo yeah I´m pretty stoked for that especially the fact that it´s way more dangerous for me because it could turn into shingles or whatever... Anyways clearly my week has just been super awesome.We actually did find a family this week who we are going to have lunch with tomorrow so we are praying for them but we don´t want to get too attached. Other than that nothing much happened, me being a depressed human and us contacting a ton. It´s weird reading everyone's letters and seeing pictures because I feel like I just left yesterday and so the fact that like Atlas is 2 months is pretty crazy. And also how much everyone's kids are talking and how long my friends have been married. I forget that people are still living. I feel like I´m in a dream it´s really weird. It´s super awesome when I´m not being sad though. I´m am super grateful to be here and have these experiences, I´ve already grown so much. I can´t believe it´s going by so fast. Next much I get to skype you guys. That is super crazy... Okay well that´s all I have to say.  Okay well I love everyone and pray for you all. Don´t worry about me I´m fine and will get over this little ¨poor me¨ phase pretty soon. Thank you for your letters and I´m glad everyone had a good Halloween.
Love you
This is a pic with Fernanda and Nicolas ( the MA I felt like I knew her before)

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