Monday, January 13, 2014

Rancagua, Chile Week 11

Okay first off I just want to say that I knew Joanie was pregnant before everyone! It´s true a few weeks ago I was like to Hna Apaza, ¨I feel like my sister is pregnant and just hasn´t told anyone yet.¨ Then I emailed Joanie about it like 2 weeks ago and she didn´t respond til just barely that I was right! Muahahaha I knew I was right. Okay anyways so this week was actually really good and not at the same time. I decided to stop being a depressed baby and enjoy my life so I had a lot of fun this week even though we practically only contacted this whole week and walked a million miles. But, Monday we found one of our old investigators we haven´t been able to get a hold of for a long time. She is super catholic but we showed her the video of the restoration to rekindle her memory of the lessons we´ve already taught her and she was like ¨Wow I really like how he was trying to find the truth. I what to find the truth too and so I will listen to you again to see if this is the truth.¨ And we werejust like wait what just happened?... haha because before she was always very closed off becaue she was catholic. Anyways it was just a really cool experience. Then Tuesday I went with Hna Apaza to Rancagua becasue she a coordinator and so all the leaders in the mission have a meeting type thing every transfer with the president at the mission house. The neighborhood where the mission house is and the mission house is so beautiful! I felt like I was in woodbridge ranch! I was like ¨I never want to leave this place!¨

So in Rancagua I went on divisions for a few hours with Hna Vera who is also from the same stake as Hna Apaza, I think Peruvians just love me. But, it was really fun to see the city and contact for a little bit. We were only together to contact in the morning and then for lunch and then we went and picked our companions back up and went back to our sectors. Then on Thursday I had another division with Hna Lamb from Utah, who we both feel like we knew each other before the mission but we can´t figure out why. We decide that it must have been a preexistence thing and this morning I told her that we were actually the same soul but God cut us in half and put us in different bodies, because we are the same person! She is so cool. Anyways so we were in my sector and we were going to Romeral and there are 3 buses that say Romeral on them. ¨Romeral la copa, Romeral los guiacos, and Romeral La montaña, and I had been on the first two before. So we go to the bus stop and there was the third bus name so I was like ¨well this bus is already here and it says romeral so lets go¨. So we are driving and talking and thinking and I think ¨Wow this is a lot longer on the freeway than I remember¨ So then I look out the window and I´m like ¨yeah this  is way pass the exit but maybe it will come back around. You should ask.¨ She asks the guy and he is like nope and just pulls over on the side of the freeway and drops us off. haha So there we are, two blonde Americans on the side of the freeway. So we had to run across to get to the other side and then walk super far to find another bus stop to go back. I wish I had a picture of us just walking on the side of the freeway with all the trucks honking and waving at us. We were like busting up laughing afterwards. That´s pretty much everything that cool happened this week. We have interviews with the president this week finally I am so stoked and then this Saturday we will know about transfers. Oh here is something funny that Hna Apaza said this week. So we were walking home from lunch with Hna Parker and Morales, and Hna Parker was like ¨Eww a guinea pig¨. And there was just this random guinea pig in someones yard and Hna Apaza was like ¨Oh those are so good!¨and Hna Parker, who is also from CA, look at each other disgusted and just start busting up laughing. Ohhh South America.... hahaha
Oh yeah and today we went up to the mountains and went on kind of a hike type thing and just kind of messed around. It is so pretty up there my pictures down even give it justice.
Oh in other news there is another mail strike. So that sucks because that means none of us are going to get our Christmas stuff in time. I´ll let you know when it changes. I love you all and keep the letters coming. I pray for everyone and I hope you all are happy and healthy.
Love you, 

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