Monday, January 13, 2014

Rancagua, Chile Week 12

Well first things first... Transfers dun dun dun...I am stay here in Rauquen with Hna Apaza! Surprise! Hopefully we don´t get too sick of each other being together for 4 1/2 months lol. But that means you guys get to meet her at Christmas yay! In the Rauquen Ward there are 4 Hnas and 2 Elders and all of us are staying except for Hna Parker, who is going to San Fernando Guatolupe, I believe. Tomorrow is when transfers are actually put into effect so today is our last day with her. It´s sad because her comp only has one more transfer left and she was hoping to kill her (in the mish). But, now I am finally out of my first 12 weeks of training so I guess I don´t really have any excuses anymore, que triste. Oh this week we had a really cool experience with an investigator, the one who said she is searching for the truth. We went ovver the first lesson with her again and we invited her to pray to know if it was true and she said she would so we were ending the lesson and she was like I will give the closing prayer. So we were like perfect. So she starts to pray and says ¨Lord I am praying to know if this is actually the way you want me to go. I am praying to really know if this is the truth and if it is I will go this way.¨ And she kind of paused for a second and all of a sudden she said ¨wow this is the coolest feeling ever, Lord I feel Warm and I feel like this is the truth. ¨ The spirit was so strong I was so dumbstruck of what just happened when she finished the prayer I just stared at her. And she was like ¨That was the coolest feeling ever. I felt this warm tingly feeling just come over my body.¨ I didn´t even know what to say I just sat there all teary eyed. It was such a cool experience, hopefully she will actually act on her answer. We haven´t head from her for a few days. I just wanted share that even though I can´t really describe it how cool it actually was. The rest of the week was just really hot and I got fairly sun burnt that is now a tan. We were outside contacting almost all week we hardly had very many other lessons. This week we had interviews with the president and it was so nice it felt like I had a parent here in the mission. I was totally fine that morning and I wasn´t even sad about not really having investigators progressing and then I walked in the room and sat down to talk to him and I was like fighting back tears. And he was like ¨What´s wrong you seem tender today?¨ And the I just started balling haha. We talked about my frustrations in the mission with dropping a lot of investigators that I loved and my Spanish and the fact that we have investigators that just aren´t progressing. Everything he said to me was exactly what I needed to hear. He explained that we can´t see the full movie we can only see scene that is in front of us right now and that with all the people that we´ve had to drop we have planted little seeds and they just maybe aren´t ready to receive the gospel yet, but later down road they will be. He also talked about how the numbers aren´t important and sometimes we don´t have any baptisms in an area, but what is really important is to think, ¨what is God wanting me to learn from this?¨ and also to think of how much I have already changed. He said a ton of other things but that´s all I´m going to share. I thought a lot about what he said this week and I realized how much I really have changed and I´m really excited about it because I still have a little over a year of more learning to do. I am so much more patient, I actually kind of like kids (unless they are distracting during lessons lol), turns out I speak Spanish now lol, and I don´t even remember the last time I was actually mad. I am never mad now except for in the mornings but that´s just my face lol. It´s pretty crazy how much I really have changed. I am so grateful to be here and have this opportunity to change and learn new things everyday about the gospel and what the Lord wants for me. I just want to thank everyone for being so supportive and writing me. I love you all and hope everyone is doing well. 
Love, Hermana Fast

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