Monday, January 13, 2014

Rancagua, Chile Week 13

Soooooo uuhhhh I just sat down at this computer and the chair was broken so I totally just fell straight on my butt! hahah Luckily we were in a room with only us. We were laughing so hard and I am still laughing writing this. lol 
Anyway, not much is new this week Hna Apaza and I have been getting along pretty well but we are both tired of tracting so much so we have been coming up with new ideas to find new people. We had a car wash this saturday and we wash 4 cars in a little less than an hour. Everyone was like you`re just doing this for free? Why? And we were like yeah becasue we are just here to serve. It was kind of cool to have people show interest in who missionaries are, we aren`t just random people who chase people down the street to tell them about jesus. We were able to hand out some pamplets and get peoples directions so we will see if anything comes from it, but it was nice to do something different from our normal routine. As missionaries sometimes we get comfortable with our routines but we need to change them up every once in a while. I was going a little insane at first because it was not organized at all. We didn`t have the keys to the parking lot and so we washed the cars like on the sidewalk/street. Also in one of our meetings Hna Apaza announced this activity to the ward mission leader and missionaries and they talked about what everyone was going to bring and I was in a day dream I guess because I thought they hand everything handled. So we went to leave in the morning and I was like So who is bring the towels? And Hna Apaza just stared at me and was like ohhh yeeaahhh... And I was like uhhhh we are having a car wash without towels?... So we found a towell in the house that didn`t belong to anyone and we cut it so we had two towels. lol The only thing that we were prepared with was 4 buckets, soap and two 1/2 pieces of a towel. We ended up using the fire hose that was in the church for water. hahaha oh my goodness I was going insane I was like I thought that all of this was talked about and handled but obviously it was not. lol But it`s fine everything worked out well and it was fun. 
This friday while Hna Apaza and Hna Lamb were at a coordinators training meeting Hna Butler and I went on exchanges. She has a transfer less than me so I had to be the senor companion; It was a little nerve racking at first but we got a long ok and we taught a few inactive members and found a ton of people on our member list that we are actualizing. We also taught a new investigator but that didn`t go so well so Hna Apaza and I will probably have go do clean up duty. lol But it was a lot of fun and I was really surprised with how well both of our spanish was. 
That`s all that was really new this week. This coming week I have to go to Santiago for my visa so that will be a fun adventure. :) Hopefully we don`t get too lost. We have a new Hna in the house Hna Cadima who is from Bolivia and she is really nice. We decided as a house this morning we are going to start doing things together every night to get to know each other better. So tomorrow we are cooking something and talking about mission stories. Should be pretty fun. When I was with Hna Butler she asked me what my favorite thing was about being a missionary and after I thought about it for awhile I told her it was watching people change. The atonement of Jesus Christ really is such an amazing thing. It`s such a beautiful thing to watch people go through the repentance process and change their lives for the better. Whenever we talk about the atonement in our lessons I always get a little passionate explaining that the atonement is how all of God`s plan works and that because of the atonement I am here. I have been reading a little from the book Jesus the Christ and getting to know my Savior a little bit better. I just want to end this letter by baring my testimony that I know that the Savior knows each of us individually and is always there when you need comfort. I know that this church is true and that through the prophet joseph smith it was restored on the earth again. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and can answer any and all questions and doubts. I know that if a person reads and ponders about the book of mormon and prayers with real intent they will recieve an answer that it is true and will have the desire to change to be a better person, the person that the Lord knows we can all be. I know I am doing the Lord`s work and feel so blessed to have the opportunity to watch people change. I invite everyone to read the book of mormon along with the bible and pray to know it is true. I do this out of an invitation of love because an invitation of love can never be offensive. I love you all and am so thankful for your letters and words of encouragement. I hope everyone has a good we and remembers what they are thankful for. I am pretty sad I don`t get to have a thanksgiving so everyone eat some turkey for me. 
Hna Fast

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