Monday, January 13, 2014

Rancagua, Chile Week 17

Hey it´s my half birthday today! wooo! lol There really itsn`t much to write about this week especially (dang it I can´t remember how to spell! ugh) since I´m going to be talking to you guys this Wednesday! Yay! I´m not gonna lie I´ve been fairly ¨trunky¨ the last week with it being a mix of Christmas and also that it feels like summer here. Everyone has been playing music a lot more and so I here all this american songs and have major flash backs it´s kind of rough. lol This week it was Nicolas´ ( menos activo that I felt like I knew them before) birthday this week and it was a ton of fun there were only five of us but thew company was good. This week there were a couple Christmas devotionals for the ward and lso stake:). I may or may not have a video...of songs... lol The stake devotional was beautiful. There were a ton of videos and mensajes about Christmas and people special numbers. Also this week a member taught us how to make pan de pascua which I think is fruit cake? I really hate it and we eat it all the time now lol. We also found this house in Romeral this week that was huge! It had this long drive way and had a ton of vineyards and a view of the mountains and a pool (no one has pools here!). I really felt like I was like in Italy or Spain. The house was like a ranch house/mansion it was beautiful and the lady was really nice too. Her sister is a member and said we can come back another time so we will see what happens with her. That really is all that happened this week. Sorry it´s super short and boring but I love you! Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!

Feliz Navidad con amor,

Hermana Fast (Hna Shoom is what the Familia Robles likes to call me lol)

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