Monday, January 13, 2014

Rancagua, Chile Week 16

Hello family! This week was a lot of fun but it is sooo hot here now. I probably sweat like a gallon a day walking everywhere we do out in the sun. This week we found an inactive family that was seriously a miracle in Romeral. We were contacting this one street and we decided that we were going to contact the last house and leave to another place. So we go to this house and yell and I notice sign that has there house number on it has the pic of jesus sitting talking to the children which is a pic from the church. So I was like look Hna at the picture...are they members?... And this young girl came out and let us in and turns out their family was sealed in the temple. They moved from Santiago to Romeral and have been inactive for 3 years and the two daughters we talked to came to church yesterday. I guess their dad doesn`t want anything to do with the church but we are going to start working with them. It was so cool they said when they moved to Romeral they couldn`t find the church because it`s far but now they want to start going back to church. Also this week we had an activity for christmas in Talca with all the zones in Talca and Curico. It doesn`t even feel like it`s almost christmas because of how hot it is. So that`s kind of nice to not be sad or trunky. But anyway we went to Talca thursday early in the morning and we had like a devotional. There were testimonies of the missionaries that are leaving this transfer and pres warne spoke and we sang a ton and watched christmas videos and then at the end there was a video with a bunch of pics that we all sent in, it was really fun. There were a ton of really funny pics that were crazy and Hna Apaza and I decided we have to start doing crazy things to have cool pictures and stories. lol So we will see if we actually do that. After, we went out and played a bunch of sports for three hours which I thought it was only going to be an hour so I didn`t put sun screen on. Yeah... my face was sooo burnt afterwards and it`s peeling right now so that`s fun. Also, they had a bunch of our packages at the activity too so I have my christamas package now! Yay! But I`m not going to open it til christams because it`s only a week away. Ahhhh I get to skype you guys in a week! So crazy I can`t believe it`s already almost christams. I feel like I just got here but at the same time sometimes I forget what the heck I did with my life before. I am really learning to love this work and especailly the people here. This work is so fulfilling, draining in every way possible, but so much fun. Friday I finished the book of mormon again (in english) and had a really cool experience. I prayed after because it invites you to even if you have a testimony of it and I was like okay God I already know this is true but I want another answer so I am going to open the book of Mormon to a random scripture and that will be my answer. So I opened it to a scripture that is Nephi talking specifically about the truthfulness of the book of mormon and the reason he is writing these things is for the benefit of us in these modern times. I was like Woah what the heck because I couldn`t believe how sudden my prayer was answered. Speaking of prayers being answered José is progressing really well and yesterday he came to church in a suit. :) It was precious. Well that`s all I can think of. I love you all and am excited to see your faces next week.
 Love you Chao!

Look who got her package finally! :) 
Us with José at church with his cute pinstripped suit hee hee
Me with the smallest of Jose`s 9 bunnies.
Me with the bishop`s puppy.
Hna Wilson and I at the christmas activity
Chilean roads lol 
me loving the bishop`s dog

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