Monday, May 26, 2014

Chile Week 21

Well I have been in my new area for three weeks now and we haven´t really seen any results yet but we are working super hard and having a good time working. It´s been extremely hot and what we do almost all day is just contact but we have had some pretty good lessons and we are developing our faith and patience. I was feeling pretty crappy this last week because of our numbers but we had interviews with the president and he helped me feel a lot calmer. He reassured me that the numbers are not what matter but it is our obedience and diligence and if we emotionally are doing well. I have been having a pretty tough time the last 4 weeks with a few things that happened but it was so amazing to feel that reassurance that the Lord is pleased with our work here. I asked for a blessing and it talked about remembering even after our best efforts we are never going to achieve that perfection. He talked about how the Lord acknowledges my diligence and obedience and how appreciates my willingness to serve and dedicate my life at this moment to Him. It was really beautiful to receive that blessing and have the Lord speak directly to me. I know the Lord has everything happen for a reason and that he really knows how everything is going to play out. I have a very strong testimony that event though there are some things that we go through that seem unbearable the Lord is there to help us during those times and He knows that only through those situations we can learn what it is that he wants us to learn. He places everything in a way to help us become the best people that we can possibly be. I know I have been really lazy about writing lately and I´m sorry but I hope everyone is doing well. I am learning and growing and I still have so much to learn but with the Lord´s help I know I can do it. Hope everyone has a great week! I love you with all my heart (which is a lot bigger here thanks to the Latins lol)
Con amor
Hermana Rach Fast
 I hit my hand on a catus the other day and couldn´t pull out the spines
 I forgot my sunscreen the other day but it was tan the next day. Dang I forgot to take a pic of my feet!
 Sometimes Hermana Usma accidentally buys a liter of ice cream because she thought it was smaller and so we have to eat it in the street
 We found Dr. Pepper :)
 A couple of zoo pics

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