Monday, May 26, 2014

Chile Week 22

This week was a ton better here in my sector, we had a ton more lessons than normal and we found two investigators that are actually progressing. One is a little crazy but really nice and sincere. She´s a little bit older and the first time we met her she told us how she believes in the moon. She said that she puts a cup of water outside when it´s a full moon and than the next day she drank it to give her health in her legs. It was a pretty interesting first visit... lol But she´s super sweet and she came to church yesterday and said she loved it so we are excited for her. We also had another investigator in church who I am super stoked about. So this women we found our first day here in the street and she gave us her direction and we taught her one lesson and then she said we could come back but everytime we did her elderly mom always said she ¨wasn´t home¨. I´m not joking we went to her house like 10 times and then finally one day we passed by when she was there and I asked her straight up if she wanted to her more of our message and she said that we could come back the next day because she actually was sick. So we decided this is the LAST time we were going back there. So we went to her house and she was like yeah come in because she was upstairs and her front door was open and we sat down and actually had a super awesome lesson about the Plan of Salvation. The spirit was super strong so we decided to invite her to be baptized if she recieves an answer that these things are true and she was like ¨what do I have to do to be baptized?¨ I was like woah what?! We were in shoke the way she reponded. So then she commited to going to church with us and said that we could pass by her house to go with her. So Sunday we walked to her house and I was still halfway doubting that she was going to go and she was sitting outside WAITING for us! I was like whhaaaaattttt! It was so awesome. We have another lesson with her tomorrow so we are praying really hard for her. Those are the most exciting things that have happened lately. 
I am really starting to like this area more even though it´s hard but I know I am here to learn. I love living with Hna Clawson, Silva, and Usma they are awesome and we have a ton of fun. Every wednesday and saturday we teach a music class and english class to find to investigators. We have had a ton of luck but it´s a lot of fun and we have gotten to know a few of the members better. The sunday befre last we all sang in Sacrament meeting, they tried to make me sing a solo but I refused. Hna Silva always makes me sing in the house and every Thursday we sing at this oldfolks home. It´s a lot of fun and my confidence level is improving (is that how you say it I don´t remember). 
Recently I´ve made it a goal to read everyday from the New Testament, Book of Mormon and Preach my Gospel. Right now I am studying and trying to develop Patience and Charity and this sector has for sure been a trial of both... But I am doing a ton better and my testimony has been strengthened a ton through all these trials. This sector has been a faith builder. I can´t believe I´ve already been here for a month! Anyways that´s all that´s new. I love you all and thank for your letters!

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