Monday, May 26, 2014

Chile Week 27

(I guess there were two letters this week. Both these emails had the same date on them)

I had so many letters this week thanks so much everyone for writing me you all are so amazing! This week was honestly a week of miracles. We found so many new people that are really gems and one of them right already went to church and wants to be baptized, and it´s a guy! I can´t even believe how hard it is to find guys to teach that aren´t creepy towards us! It almost never happens! I really hope he progresses because he can be a real strength to this branch because they don´t have very many priesthood holders here. Before my mission I just didn´t realize how amazing and difficult it is to find a worthy priesthood holder. It really is such a gift that the Lord has restored his authority on the earth again so that worthy men can bless others. 

Every single day this week we had a different miracle but my favorite one was with this old women that we contact last week that was super closed off when we talked to her but after we talked to her a while and softened her heart she said she would listen to us but ¨she wasn´t going to change her religion¨. We went back a few days later and we taught her. Before the lesson I sang her a song because my comp doesn´t like to sing much but it´s a good way to bring the spirit real quick. After we sang she just stared at me and was like ¨wow that´s a real gift. Not everyone can do that you really need to share that with others.¨ I thought in my head ¨have you been talking to my mom lately?...¨ haha But I said thank you and after that the lesson was amazing and very spiritual. She had a lot of great questions and she meditated a lot of things we said and she wants to keep listening and said she would pray to really know if these things are true. Everytime I look at her I can feel the spirit testify to me that I knew her before this life, it really is the coolest thing. The first time I saw her I got the goosebumps and ever since when we look each other in the eyes we both know eachother so well. I had a tough day yesterday and we went by her house but she had family over so she said that we could come back tues. And she looked at me and was just like ¨Why are your eyes crying?¨and I was like Ï´m not crying.¨ and she looked at me and then I actually did start crying. She said some really beautiful things to me that all had to do with what I was struggling with and it was amazing. I know I knew her before because I have the deepest love for her and I´ve only met her like 2 times. The Lord works through his children to help others, I have such a testimony of this. I know that this church is true and true blesses people. We all still have struggles and weaknesses but through Christ he gives us hope and helps lift our burdens. The power of Christ´s atonement applies to every aspect of our lives. I know this to be true and I am so thankful to be able to share that hope with others everyday. I love you all and hope you have a great week. 

Well this week was really awesome. We had lunch with the Walls (a married missionary couple) and they are the cutest. They made us hamburgers and we had packet ranch salad dressing!!!! I t was amazing.

Also, we were able to teach a lot of our investigators and see their progress. We have some pretty solid investigators that I feel so blessed that the Lord has trusted me to teach. We are teaching about 4 people regularly that have some great potential. 2 of them we taught about the book of mormon and they both were so excited to be able to read it. Their reaction took us both of guard. Yesterday we seriously had the most amazing lesson of my entire life! Remember the old women Francisca I told you about that I felt like I knew her before? She comforted me when I was crying like a week ago? Yeah well all this week it was really hard to find her until Sat. We taught her about the Book of Mormon and she was super stoked to read it but she said that sometimes she doesn´t understand things so we offered to come back the next day to read a little bit with her and answer her questions. She said she would like that so we went back to her house yesterday thinking we would just read with her. She answered the door and she was so happy to see us and ask us questions. We walked in and sat down and she was like ¨Today I´ve been reading that book you gave me and I have a few questions about Jacob 5 and also the Jaredites.¨  I asked, ¨You started from the beginning today?¨ and she was like ¨yeah I just finished Jacob and also studied a little bit from the back about the timeline of the destruction of Jerusalem¨.
My mouth literally dropped open. She read the first three books f the book of mormon just yesterday and understood everything. She then asked us different questions we had and we tried to answer them as best we could but some of them were really profound I was really sure what to say. After, she began to tell us of the different things that the book of mormon made her think about and the feelings she had while reading it. Then she was like ¨And I thought how could I apply the Iron rod in my life? and I realized that it was the word of God.¨ My comp and I were in aww when she was explaining all these things we could not believe it. The spirit was so strong as she was baring her testimony to us that she knew the book was true and she was so thankful to have all the personal revelation that it and joseph smith helped her to have. In my entire mission and possibly my life I have never felt the spirit SO STRONG. It was almost immobilizing. She later began to explain that she didn´t want to change religions though because she had been so long in hers. She told us before how since the first time she saw us she knew there was something special about us and she feels it every time we come and she was thankful for us and she asked if she could keep the book of mormon. I almost cried but I fought it back and listened to the spirit to know what to say to her. I told her not to be afraid of change and that the Lord will guide her and take care of her if she feels she is doing his will. I told her how from the moment that I looked at her I got the goosebumps and felt that I knew her before this life and she was someone very special to me. My comp and I continued to say the things that we felt inspired to say to her and we finally convinced her to let us continue meeting with her. After the lesson Hna Usma and I were in shock and we both agreed we had never felt the spirit so strong in our entire lives. We were sitting in our study room talking about it and I was like, ¨I felt the spirit so strong I almost don´t even know how to explain it and I feel t a little bit right now talking about it too.¨ and she was like ¨yeah me too. That was the most amazing lesson of my entire mission.¨ 
As I am writing this story over briefly and not giving it the justice it deserves I can feel the spirit as well. I know that she is one of the people I promised before I would not give up on and am so grateful to feel the spirit testify that to me. I know that the book of mormon is true and that it is the word of God and that it can truly change lives. I know that if we study it´s words and are humble enough to apply it in our own lives we will receive that testimony for ourselves. I know Joseph Smith was a prophet of God and he truly did restore the gospel of Christ on the earth again. I hope that you all can read this and feel that same spirit that I did and follow the example of Francisca and cherish the words of the prophets. My challenge is for everyone to read the book of mormon and pray to know it is true. I know that you will receive that answer and receive that desire to follow Christs example.
I love you all and I hope you have a great week. 

Con Mucho amor, 
Hermana Fast

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