Monday, May 26, 2014

Chile Week 28

Almost no one in my family has written me in a really long time except mom and dad...write me people
This week was very uneventful to be completely honest but I did go back to pick up my carnet. It was a ton of fun to go back there and feel like I was back in my ¨home¨. I miss that place and the members so much. That ward was seriously the BEST. Anyways the whole way there I was praying that I would see one on my favorite families or my convert just in town because we can´t go visit. We were in the chile walmart because I was buying peanut butter and a couple of other things that don`t have near me and I was in the check out line when I looked up and all of a sudden I my eye contact with a familiar face! Sandra and oscar Robles! Who are like my absolute favorite family. We all ran and I gave her a hug and shook his hand and we talked for a while and I wrote their daughter a little note cause she wasn`t with them. It was seriously a tender mercy of the Lord I almost started crying and I was super happy the rest of the day. It was awesome. 
Other than that not much happened this week other than I threw Hna Usma a surprise birthday party and our stake had conference which was really nice. All the talks were incredibly spiritual and all of us missionaries sang a special mucisal number which made everyone cry. One of our investigators was there and it was awesome because she could feel the spirit. We hope that she will want to come back next week as well. I had another division with Hna Cox (sister coordinator) and it was amazing I learned a lot she is such a great missionary and super chill. She will be finishing her mission in July and we both are really hoping we will be comps before she goes home. I can`t believe next month I hit my 9 months mark....What?! Crazy! I feel so blessed for all the experiences and things ´ve learned thus far. My testimony has truely been strenghten times like 500. 
Well I hope everyone has a great week and actually writes me... Okay love you all.
Con amor,
Hermana Fast
 My feet are beautiful :)

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