Monday, May 26, 2014

Chile Week 30

Wow so much has happened this week really. We have cambios tomorrow and I am staying here but Hna Usma is transferring so my new comp is going to be Hna Jorgensen. Who is the sister of Blake´s (my cousin) fiancĂ© is what I have heard. I am super excited because I have heard such great things about her so I know we are going to be a great team. Also, Hna Clawson is going to be training crazy! and I got bad news about Hna Thomas, she lived with an hna in her first area who had tuberculosis or something and so almost all the people who lived there have it as well including her. But, I think most of them have like and inactive type I don´t really know but they still need to be treated but they don´t have the medicine herein Chile. So she was reassigned to the Tampa Arizona mission. I was so sad when I heard that because we were in the same group from the CCM so we are all a family. I got to call and talk to her and I cried she has such a great attitude about it. She leaves tonight. She just one of several that have already been or just recently were reassigned for the same reason. It just helps me realize how much I really want to be here and how much I actually LOVE serving a mission. 

 In other news we are still teaching Francisca... remember she´s the one I feel i knew before and we have the best lessons with her.  the other day we were teaching her about the plan of salvation and we were focusing on the purpose in this life and what we need to do here and we were focusing a good portion of the lesson on baptism. So finally we decided to invite her to be baptized because we felt that we should. So my comp invited her to be baptized and she was like, ¨Okay I´m going to tell you a little story¨  and so she continues by telling us about back in 1977 how her husband and her had a horrible relationship and different challenges she´s had in her life, which are many. So she was telling us how one day her husband left her and he came across to men in white shirts in the street that day and he talked to them and so he went back to her house and let them as well and they began teaching them and things in their relationship were a lot better. So her children and husband decided to be baptized... Then... she was baptized! I am pretty sure my mouth dropped open! My comp and I were like, ¨So... you´re a mormon?!¨ and she was like ¨yep...¨ She said that she was only active for 3 years until her husband left her with her neighbor. She said that she was nervous to tell us and she was just going to be baptized again but she felt she needed to tell us. My comp and I had these huge smiles on our faces and we just kind of looked at each other and busted up laughing. She said for several years she saw the missionary pass and wanted to talk to them but didn´t because she felt that we pick who we want to talk to. So finally when we talked to her she said that if we feel like we need to come back we could. So yeah now she has come to 2 Sundays and 2 relief society activities and wants to come back to the church. The whole experience was awesome. A lot of missionaries were like wow that sucks you lost a baptism but honestly it has taught me that baptism aren´t important it´s the person who is important. If you want baptisms go to the temple. The worth of souls is great in the sight of the Lord. That´s something that I really love about our mission here is we focus a lot of the inactives because it is just as important for them to return to the gospel as it is to baptize new people. The whole experience was really awesome and she is going to be such a strength to the branch here. 
We also are still teaching Frescia and she has a date for the 12 of April to be baptized. Can you believe that conference is only in like 2 weeks?! What?! It was JUST conference I am so excited to hear what the prophet and apostles have to say. I never realized how amazing conference is until my mission. Actually I didn´t realize a lot of things really. I love being here and serving and learning so much. The Lord has truly blessed me with this opportunity to know these people and testify to them everyday.
I love you all and hope you ave a great week. 
Hermana Fast

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