Monday, May 26, 2014

Chile Week 32

Well let`s just say this week was filled with miracles. Was general conference inspired or what? I received an answer to all the questions that I had and needed the answers right now. We had 8 people come to conference I was seriously in shock and extremely grateful to the Lord. I really can`t write everything I would love because I had to take care of a few much more important things. But, Frescia will be baptized this Saturday and I am so amazed by the change she has made. She is going to be such an amazing member in the Lord`s church. 
My favorite talk was from Elder Eyring you should all go read it. I just balled a good portion of the time because I received the confirmation that the reason I am here in Chile after so many different decisions I have made is because my parents were faithful in the church. And I am so thankful to you mom and dad for your example to me. Obviously you weren`t perfect but no one is and because of your faith and prayers I am here serving the Lord. Thank you. 
I loved that the thing that the prophet felt was important to talk about was that we all just need to love each other more. That Love is the essence of the gospel. That forgiveness goes hand in hand with love and it is the way to heal. I hope that we can all remember these wise words and apply them in our families and lives. I love you all and hope you forgive me those I have hurt. I am sorry. I love everyone and hope everyone has a great week.
Hermana Fast

ps it smells like french fries right now... weird and delicious

We are the dream team of companionships.... we decided we are soul-mate-best-friend-companions the other day haha. Us at conference Sat ^^^^^^
 Us at conference with Gladys (investigator with a date for 3 of May)
 Us eating cheerios with bananas this morning

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